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Ice cream for events!

From the vans…

Whippy Treats- 99’s, Screwballs, Oysters.
Toppings- Strawberry, Chocolate, Lime, Bubble gum and Toffee Syrup Sauces. Hundreds and Thousands, Strawberry Sherbet, Chopped Nuts, and the iconic Cadbury flake.
Lollies- (Retro and no mistake about it.)- Cherry Brandy, Cider, Strawberry Mivi, Choc Ice.
Sweeties- (Hard and soft like the good old days)- Rhubarb & Custard, Lemon Sherbets, Cola Cubes, Sugar Mice, Dip Dabs, soft Shrimps and Bananas.
Thirsty? – We can also supply a range of cold soft drinks

From the trike…

Supporting local, up and coming producers is really important to us here at Pinks Vintage. In light of this we work closely with a small dairy farm who produce delicious, high quality dairy scoop ice cream and sorbets. Using fresh milk from their dairy herd and the highest quality ingredients to make a mouth-watering product. Contact us to discover the range of delicious scoop ice cream you could be serving at your event.

At Pinks we avoid the use of artificial flavours and colours, and GM products where possible.

We will always do our best to cater for any dietary or allergy requirements.

Ice cream menu
Pinks Vintage Ice Cream For Events

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